Airport Hangar Lease Agreement

Aircraft stored in the hangar: ____________________________N________ If the tenant does not pay the rent on time or does not comply with any of the terms of this agreement, the landlord has the reasons for the eviction of the tenant. After 15 days after receiving an eviction notice written by the landlord, the tenant loses all rights to this contract and immediately evacuates the rented shed. The tenant must stick to all regulations and laws relevant to the airport environment. The tenant is prohibited from making changes to the shed or shed without the owner`s consent. If the tenant makes changes without authorization, the tenant agrees to cover all costs associated with restoring the original condition. The shed cannot be sublet without the written permission of the owners. That the tenant keep the shed in good condition. If the tenant damages the shed, he is fully responsible for the complete and complete repair of the damage. If the tenant does not make the repairs on time, the lessor will make the repairs and charge all the costs and fees to the tenant and can put a pledge on the tenant`s property against these fees.

The tenant hereby undertakes to defend, release and compensate the landlord for any claim, action or liability for any activity of the tenant during the use of the rented shed. You can copy and use this standard aircraft rental contract. Owner: HangarTrader is not entitled to the legality of this document and we assume no responsibility for its use.